Market Design

Gora at its core aims to create a marketplace where participants can interact to buy and sell data related products and services in a decentralized manner. Participants’ goals are not always aligned, for example feed providers and consumers might have opposing goals (i.e. profit maximization vs cost minimization). Feed providers themselves may compete to provide more types of data to gain a larger share of the revenue.

This section will develop the formal rules that will govern the interactions of participants within the Gora ecosystem, and generally define what participants can, cannot, should and should not do.

First, it will describe who the ecosystem participants are. Then it will go into detail about how big the market needs to be to function appropriately (market thickness), and ways to achieve early growth to get to the required size. It will also discuss the strategies to mitigate congestion if the market grows too large for the infrastructure, before describing how the market will be safe and easy to use for all participants.

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