Community Members

Similar to how shareholders invest in the stock of a company, Gora community members who are excited about the tech or the business model may find ways to invest time and/or money to help grow the system and earn some benefit.

Community members is a broad definition. At its broadest, it can mean anyone holding one Gora token or simply posting a promotional tweet. Community members provide services such as:

  • Marketing Activities

  • Providing Liquidity

  • Increasing system safety & security

Community members' motivations can include earning rewards, airdrops or bonuses from their activities in the system. They may also want to see the adoption of GoraNetwork's services, so that they may earn a greater yield for providing liquidity, while GORA token holders may be able to delegate their stake to help improve the security of the node runner software.

Marketing Activities

The goal of the marketing activities of community members is to ultimately increase the number of customers, feed providers, and node runners. Ultimately, as a B2B ecosystem, the adoption of the GoraNetwork by developers, end users, and network participants will drive self-sustaining growth. The impact of marketing activities can be classified as either direct or indirect.

Direct Impact

The addition of Feed Consumers, Feed Providers, and Node Runners can be considered a direct impact marketing activity. It provides measurable growth.

Indirect Impact

Marketing activities that lead to the growth of the Gora ecosystem may incentivize community members to contribute in other ways such as increasing the liquidity of the GORA token.

Providing Liquidity

Liquidity (especially in the early days) is important for participants to be able to transact conveniently. As the vision of GoraNetwork is a decentralized application with no central entity, liquidity would ultimately be required to be provided by the community. While the Gora team may bootstrap liquidity, ultimately the community will need to grow large enough to supply liquidity on its own.

System Safety and security

Community members may also contribute to the GoraNetwork safety and or security by delegating their tokens to node runners.

The amount of stake a node runner has committed is the primary way the GoraNetwork protocol chooses who should propose, vote, and certify the next block to the Algorand blockchain, and receive a monetary reward for doing so. Community members who do not wish to to run the node infrastructure may be able to delegate their tokens to a stake pool, increasing the likelihood their delegate will propose, vote, or certify the next block – and the rewards are shared between everyone who delegated their stake to that stake pool.

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