Feed Providers

Feed Providers are a core participant in the GoraNetwork ecosystem. High quality data is generally expensive, and feed providers need to be appropriately incentivized to alter their traditional, API first data models in order to provide their data on a public blockchain, under a different business model. Generally, feed providers' objectives include:

  • Monetize Data

  • Reduce cost of Onboarding Customers

Although feed providers outcomes are generally consistent, they tend to be more competitive, and would prefer to sell data to as many different subscribers without competition.

There are two types of data points:

  • Aggregated Data

  • Single Source Data

For Feed providers that aggregate their data, they would split the subscription cost of customers. We see the splitting of costs as a disincentive, and to make up for it, Feed providers would likely want to earn 2-3 customers’ (estimate) worth of revenue, and/or have the cost of adding an additional customer be low to non-existent.

This means that for Feed Providers to be well incentivized to join the system, there should be sufficient Market thickness so that there are enough customers for feed providers to earn average or above average returns and at the same time keeping the number of Feed providers within a reasonable number to provide utmost security while maintaining profitability. Furthermore, Feed Providers should be confident the GoraNetwork marketing and sales team will be able to continually generate additional customers.

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