In addition to a well designed distribution protocol, partnerships with feed providers, customers and community members are essential to grow early market thickness.

For each participant, partnerships look a little different. Gora has had great success creating mutually beneficial partnerships. Take a look at to view the full list of partners.


Customer partnerships are entered into with the goal of creating demand. Some customers are launching soon, some are in development. Working with technical teams to ensure the product that is built will serve GoraNetwork's customers' use cases is crucial.

Data providers

In general, data feed partnerships are more geared towards redistribution licenses. Feed providers understand the first year’s demand will be relatively low, and some feed providers are partnering with Gora to provide feeds in return for being early adopters to be rewarded with tokens, or at a heavily discounted subscription price. Also feed providers partner with Gora to create demand via hackathons.

Node Runner

Partnerships with Institutional and experienced Node Runners are key to the security of the system. These initial adopters provide fast data throughput, and ensure early customers are able to succeed in getting data on chain quickly.

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