Safety and Ease of Use

As an oracle service, GoraNetwork's KPI is measured in Total Value Secured. The total value secured is the sum of the total value locked in the applications using GoraNetwork. In addition, another KPI is the amount of computation consumers send to the application.

Any hack of GoraNetwork would seriously compromise the security and safety of the ecosystem. Furthermore, a poorly designed user experience could hamper the user onboarding efforts needed to increase security through decentralization.

Key components in the market design of GoraNetwork is to ensure:

  • any transferred, received, staked, rewarded or otherwise transacted with remains safe;

  • participants know and understand the benefits and risks of participating in the ecosystem;

  • the user experience makes it easy and intuitive to participate in the ecosystem;

  • the Gora team will comply with written and unwritten rules and regulations meant to safeguard the ecosystem.

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