Ease of Use

The Gora ecosystem should be easy to use for consumers, node runners and community members. An easy to use and intuitive system makes it easy for stakeholders to onboard, interact and participate in securing the system. GoraNetwork aims to provide an easy to use web interface that will allow node runner and application developers to shorten their setup and development lifecycle, respectively.


The Gora web app is an additional tool to the command line interface that will allow Node runners to join the system as participants, view current APY, and claim outstanding rewards. It also give participants a bird's eye view of the how the ecosystem is operating internally

Furthermore, dApp developers can bootstrap their development by building their queries in the web app, and using the code generated in the web app. This will also help with market thickness as developers building in hackathons can scale their applications quickly.

Code Examples and documentation

GoraNetwork will provide extensive code documentation, as well as various example applications developers can use to further expedite their development lifecycle. The faster developers can understand and build on GoraNetwork, the more apps that can be built, the more the market will have strengthened its foundation.

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