Decision Making Protocol

There are a few decision making protocols that can be utilized. To understand the best suited methods for GoraNetwork, it might help to determine the types of decisions that need to be made.

This list is not exhaustive, and may change, but is an initial attempt to forecast decisions that need to be made:

  • Prices and fees set by customers in the system may need to change.

  • The reward distributions for node runners may need to change

  • Feed providers (and customers) may want to add an aggregation mechanism.

  • Community members may want to change how the voting protocol works.

  • Participants may want to increase, decrease or set minimum or maximum stakes for node runners.

Many of the decisions above may be complex, and take time to implement. For example, changing the rewards distribution may be a complex and highly technical activity. While adding an aggregation mechanism might be considered a routine upgrade.

A major concern for the protocol is that a key group of users (customers), will generally have less voting power than node runners, and node runners would have less voting power than community members. This could mean that those most affected by changes in the protocol have very little say. For example, a vote to increase fees on customers may pay if voted on by node runners, even if its not in the best interest of the protocol. As such, a DAO based model, where customers, node runners and community members can come together to review decisions makes sense.

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