Resolution Mechanism

In the context here, A resolution means when a participant completes an action, whether an honest or dishonest action, that participant expects a resolution, in the form of a reward, punishment or some other promise.

The resolution mechanisms is slightly different for different participants, but ultimately collapse to rewards and punishments.

GroupHonest actionDishonest actionHonest ResolutionDishonest Resolution

Feed Provider

  • Provide quality feed

  • Respond to queries (uptime)

  • Provide poor quality or malicious feed

  • Donโ€™t respond to queries

  • Financial Rewards

  • Increased Reputation (subscribers will be more likely to select)

  • Decreased Reputation

  • Removal from Aggregated Data Providers

Node Runner

  • Participate in voting

  • Propose, certify and vote on honest blocks

  • Too much downtime

  • Propose, certify and vote on dishonest blocks

  • Financial Rewards

  • Exclusion from rewards

  • Public visibility of poor performance (e.g. poor reputation)

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