One of the key aims of Gora's economic design is to ensure equitable distribution. One way to design this is via the distribution of the token allocation. Node runners will have their rewards subsidized by Gora which will mean additional tokens will be given to strong participants during the first 5 years. Only a limited amount of the tokens are being sold at the beginning, just over 15%, with a much smaller amount sold initially to investors. A direct sale to node runners instead of a private/strategic round for VCs will also help GoraNetwork make sure tokens are being directed to the right participants.

While 12% of tokens will initially go to investors, over the first two to three years, the amount of tokens distributed to the community will higher coming from adoption incentives, marketing, ecosystem rewards and liquidity.

Token distribution

  • Total supply of $GORA is 100,000,000.

Token Ticker

  • $GORA

Token type

  • ASA (Algorand Standard Asset)

Breakdown of distribution

  • 12% held by Team and Recruitment

    • Vesting will begin after a 24 months cliff with daily vesting across 24 months. A justification for this is to make sure the team begins vesting after investors complete their vesting schedule. It is vital to have long term commitments from the highly skilled team members while making sure the portion doesn't exceed 20% which may bring distrust from our important community members.

  • 3% reserved for Advisors.

    • Advisors provide valuable insights/expertise which Gora may not have access to internally. Given the commitments on a part time basis, we feel 3% is justified to reward them.

  • 33% for Ecosystem Rewards (for performing platform activities).

    • A large chunk is reserved for rewarding platform activities. Given our understanding of how crucial Gpra's services will be for the wider blockchain ecosystem, it will be necessary to have the ability to access a portion of tokens that can be utilised for rewarding platform activities. We also believe that reserving such a large chunk the token supply for this breeds confidence in Gora from our community members.

    • 10% of the 43% is reserved for ecosystem development. This is for incentivising development and usage of GoraNetwork with grants and hackathons.

  • 12% held by Treasury for long-term operational expenses

    • Expansion of GoraNetwork will require a larger team to handle large number of tasks and software improvements to keep Gora competitive. 10% provides ample space to cover Gora while keeping true to its' future objective of becoming fully decentralised.

  • 6% for Marketing and Partnerships

    • In order to achieve network effects, it is essential that the wider blockchain/web3 community are aware of Gora's existence and its' capabilities. 6% grants Gora the ability to market towards a variety of segments within the larger community.

  • 4% for Liquidity

    • It is necessary that tokens are continuously available to GoraNetwork participants when they require it. GSR will provide market making facilities and 4% is sufficient for them to complete this task across two years.

  • 12% sold to Investors

    • Investors brought much needed funding to Gora in its' early stages which was used for developing a strong team and marketing. Finding the sweet spot between getting enough funding and not handing out too many tokens to investors which will lead to centralisation is difficult but we believe 12% is close to achieving a middle ground between the two. A cliff period has been applied in order to reduce percentage owned in terms of circulating supply.

  • 3.77% for Early participants, Node Runners Community Members

    • This is an amount allocated to Node runners pre public launch to provide them with the tokens ahead of launch for preparation. Node runners/validators will receive 15% unlocked at TGE which they can use to stake and be eligible for the most lucrative part of the adoption incentives cycle. This phase is broken down into two categories:

      • 2.10% for Exclusive whitelisted Pre-sale

        • The whitelisted are a smaller group of node runners and community members who are considered early participants in the GoraNetwork waitlist, and are expected to add greater value such as running nodes, staking larger amounts, or being early adopters of the protocol. This group gets a discount compared to the node runners and public sale.

      • 1.67% for node runners

        • This group are the node runners who signed up and are willing to stake for a minimum amount of time in exchange for running nodes.

  • 2% Adoption Incentives

    • Adoption incentives has been created to aid the search for network effects for Gora. This will be done by rewarding early adopters with varying APY depending on when a node runner has begun staking and remains staked for a period of 3 months.

  • 2.23% Public Sale

    • Public sale token amount will be fully unlocked when participants purchase them. An amount of 2,233,333GORA will be sold and this amount has been judged to be an appropriate amount when taking into account known demand for the token. It is a balance of satisfying consumer demand whilst also raising vital funds for the continual progression of GoraNetwork.

How vesting schedules impact circulating supply as a percentage of total supply

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