Price Feed Oracle Consumer Example

This is a code snippet that shows the consumption of an GoraNetwork global state price pair oracle. This example reads from two smart contracts: the price feed index contract that stores the current oracle appId for each price pair, and the corresponding contract for the desired price pair oracle.

These institutional data providers are currently feeding the price feeds:

  • Kaiko

  • Amberdata

  • dxFeed

  • Brave New Coin

  • Crypto Compare

  • Twelve Data

To view the index contract and look up the appId for a price pair on testnet:

To view the algo/usd oracle being udpated, see the following app:


  • Python3

  • Python modules: pyteal, python-dotenv, py-algorand-sdk

Running the App

To run the app, follow these steps:

• Clone the repo

• Create a .env file with the following:

secret_key = <The secret key of an algorand account>
creator_address = <The algorand address for the secret_key>
sender_secret_key = <The secret key of another algorand address , used to call theapp

From the directory where you cloned the application, run the following command:


You will see the following output:

1 - created new appid : 58165098
2 - price has been updated to global state. Here is your transaction ID:  EAUIGDX4OM6D5GH2WL5CFDQYG6GHVYIWG4RUSUMA2PFYCUOD3IEQ
3 - Thank your for using the price oracle. Your app has now been deleted. Deleted app-id: 58165098

To run the applications multiple times, you can remove the following line on line 66
delete_app(algod_client, os.environ.get('secret_key'),  created_app_id)

This last line immediately deletes the created application, so as not to use up the account's allowed limit of 10 apps.

For any questions with the above procedure, email us at and a developer will be in touch with you!

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