Available Feeds

There are two main types of data feeds in the GoraNetwork ecosystem: aggregated and custom. Aggregated data is obtained from institutional data providers who generally aggregate high-quality sources, and as such, already have significant data preprocessing for accuracy. GoraNetwork aggregates this aggregated data, ensuring the most accurate data of any chain. Custom data feeds allow consumers to obtain data from their own endpoints.

Community Data Feeds

Community data feeds are price feeds subsidized by GoraNetwork. These feeds are made up of the top 50-100 cryptocurrency USD price pairs, with plans to add more.

Custom Data Feeds

Custom data feeds allow applications to call custom endpoints.

Field NameField Description


request specification; serialized data structure, describing the request.


Endpoint for data to be fetched from


Algorand application ID of the smart contract that will be called to return oracle response.


Name of the method to call in the destination smart contract

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