The Gora Vision

The Gora vision is to deliver an Oracle solution that brings mainstream adoption to web3, and empower an ecosystem of decentralized applications to solve real-world user problems.

Our mission is to advance the state-of-the-art in oracle and blockchain reliability, safety, and performance by providing a flexible and modular oracle architecture. This architecture should support frequent upgrades, fast adoption of the latest technology advancements, and first-class support for new and emerging use cases.

We envision a decentralized, secure, and scalable network governed and operated by the community that uses it. When infrastructure demands grow, the computational resources of the oracle network scale up horizontally and vertically to meet those needs. As new use cases and technological advances arise, the network should frequently and seamlessly upgrade without interrupting users. Infrastructure concerns should fade into the background, and security should be guaranteed without trading off privacy or decentralization.

To achieve this Gora will:

  • Hire and partner with highly skilled computer scientists, cryptographers, mathematicians and statisticians, data scientists and more

  • Build a modular application that allows development and upgrades of specific modules

  • Work with 2-3 audit firms to review Gora's Code

  • Perform millions of simulations that model the trajectory of the token based on starting parameters

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